onboard camera module substitution

Is there a way to order the on-board devboard sensor which by an accident got detached from the board being transported and lost?


https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/China-listed-company-ov5693-cmos-camera_60696925226.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.20.10e54d37iMiTQT ?

Got found the lost one.

can someone confirm that
“NVIDIA SHIELD K1 TABLET FORWARD FACING FRONT CAMERA PART” will work as substitution for TX2 damaged “p5v27c | SUNNY| A1653” ?

I can see in omnivision listing different types of OV 5693:
What is the exact type of the original OV5693 that is mounted on devboard?
Here I can see three variants :
OV05693-G06A , OV05693-G36H-3A, OV05693-G06H-3A
Perhaps I do not even need the sensor, but to substitute the cable. What is the cable specification /model number ? Though it might be a challenge to substitute the cable at the camera module.
Will the LI sensor module with cable http://www.21icsearch.com/datasheet/LI-5M06CMAF/YmdsZ2uYYA==.html be compatible?
Will something of search request images search fit?
Will fit another camera modules models from ebay ?

Finally ordered from ebay the following

Will try to substitute the original one with it.


Today Ebay ordered sensor arrived and the substitution has been successfully accomplished.
I can confirm that nvidia tablet front sensor is the very same as the onboard devkit sensor.