Once stopped, cannot find the camera again.

Hello together!

I have the following problem and have no idea how to find a solution. Hope that someone can help me.

Problematic Szenario

The Intel RealSense SR300 camera is connected to the Jetson TX2 with Orbitty Carrier with Ubuntu 16.04 (Kernel Version: 4.4.15-tegra on Jetson TX2) over a USB 3.0 Hub and a USB 3.0 extension cable with booster. Once the camera is started with

roslaunch realsense_camera sr300_nodelet_rgbd.launch

everything works fine. Then I stop the camera with ctrl + C. When I then start the camera again with the launch file, it does not find the camera and lsusb does not show the camera.

The error is:

[ERROR] [1497343628.338504027]: /camera/driver - No cameras detected!

Working Szenario

  1. The camera is connected to the Jetson only over the USB 3.0 Hub. I can launch the camera with the launch file, stop it with ctrl + C and restart the camera. Everything works fine.

  2. The camera is connected to the Jetson (but with developer kit not orbitty carrier) over the same USB 3.0 Hub and USB 3.0 extension cable with booster. Everything works fine.

Does someone has an idea what to test or a solution? Thanks for your support!

We don’t have the camera supported on r28.1/TX2. Here is another post: