one camera has multiple pipelines

I am reading the documents about Understanding NvMedia IPP Framework

. It said that multiple pipelines can be developed for each camera. Could you give me more details information about one camera has multiple pipelines.

Q1: Above link has a part named COMPONENT CONNECTIONS that include a diagram. Does that diagram is one example of that one camera has multiple pipeline?

Q2: If one camera can have multiple pipeline, can it support that one of the pipeline is finished its task while the other pipeline can continue working?

Dear ya3bnxm,
I am checking on this with internal teams and update you soon

Dear ya3bnxm,
When multiple components are attached to a component (for example in the diagram Output and ISP are attached to Capture) IPP expects that both are continuously consuming the generated frames. If one of the components stops consuming the source component runs out of its buffer pool and stops producing frames