One command install for CUDA 2.0! Install CUDA 2.0 with one command!

I found the clicking on the webpage for the relevant executables and then downloading and installing them (in the order specified on the webpage) for CUDA to be very cumbersome (?!) Hence i have written a bash script which can be used to install CUDA 2.0 (Attached below)

Just download this zip file and extract the script inside it and type.
$ ./cudaInstall -h
to get familiar with the usage of this script.
Also, please go through the preamble of this script for ‘README’ type of information regarding this script.


  1. One command solution to install CUDA 2.0.
  2. Downloads and installs the CUDA “2.0” executables. (driver, toolkit and sdk)
  3. Option for downloading the profiler as well.

Waiting for suggestions, comments, remarks, bugs, … :) (3.32 KB)

Windows and Mac version please ? ;-)


Windows version’s (32, 64 bits & XP and Vista) all are being supported by this script.

MAC version has some problems in the driver… and is currently being loooked upon… Will surely try to add the support for MAC asap…

So my take is I would need Cygwin to obtain a working bash shell first?

Yes! and currently, I feel this is the main problem with my approach. :(
But, this was inevitable as I started solving the ‘relative path problem with CUDA on MS VC++’ (See the thread: and finally landed on this! :)