One lane MIPI CSI support on Jetson Nano


We are currently working with Jetson Nano and, among the requirements, we have the need to use a low resolution 1 MIPI lane sensor. Checking the Jetson Nano design guide Jetson Nano Design Guide , I do not see any one lane support reference for the MIPI CSI Video Input interface.

Attaching a one lane sensor is possible in other Jetson platforms, just needed to confirm there is NO one lane support in Jetson Nano.

Diego Chaverri
Embedded Software Engineer

I think the sensor design guide should told Nano can support 1x/2x/4x lanes support.
So there’s no problem for one lane support.

Hi @ShaneCCC, thanks for your response. Please find another reference from Jetson Nano System module datasheet

The Jetson Nano module datasheet does not mention 1 lane MIPI CSI support either. Following your response, there seems to be an error in the Jetson Nano documentation, is this correct?


There is x1 lane info in the notes of CSI configuration in Jetson Nano Design Guide. x1 mode is supported by x2 mode default.