One motor does not work

Hi all,
I continue to build my jet robot. It has already taken me a long time, but I don’t care. Follow this link, you can find out what problem I faced while building my mobile robot When you turn on the 3V3 power cable from the JetBot driver motor, the display turns off - why?
With each stage, I have new problems, and now my problem has become as urgent as it was before, and I cannot solve it. Look at it

The problem is that I only have one wheel working. As you can see, the second wheel is stationary. In the video, you can see the basic movements of the robot, it rotates with one wheel, but the program moves forward, and the second video rotates left and right.
First of all, of course, I checked the motors and applied voltage directly to them, two motors are working normally. After that, I continued to analyze and diagnose the equipment of the Jetsonnano mobile robot. For this, by the way, I tested the motor driver board. This she DC Motor and Stepper FeatherWing Add-on For All Feather Boards: Camera & Photo
The assembly of my mobile robot and the assembly of components is carried out strictly according to the bill of materials.
Bill of Materials - JetBot
With the board, everything is fine too. After that I looked into the software, I think I can set the correct channels for the motors, but everything is in order there. I’m stumped. Any help or advice.
Thank you all for your attention.

All the same, it seems to me that the motor driver board burned out. I have already ordered a new board and will be waiting for delivery. And now I need to make sure my board burned out or not. To do this, I need to diagnose the board. I will try to tell you about my experience later.

Sorry for the late response, so confirmed that board burned out?
If still in warranty period, please try to check if can RMA.

Thank you for your message. No, I did not confirm that the DC Motor driver Board burned down. But I need time to check. I will make sure to diagnose the board and write a short message here. Maybe someone will also face such a problem and then this post will be useful to someone. Also, I already said that I ordered a new board and am waiting for my order, but it will take a while. If my post is not closed, I will definitely write about my experience and add new posts.
Thank you.