One of 4 VM's w/ M60 vGPU's refusing to power up.

Hi we have Two identical PowerEdge R730 Servers.
Each Server has ONE M60.
Each Server has 196 GB of Ram.
12 CPU’s… E5 2643 v4’s

On One Server we have 4 VM’s using a 4q profile ( i.e. 4GB vram ). ALL work great.

Another Server Are Attempting to get 4 - 4q’s. However we can only get 3 atm.

Error Msg :

Could not initialize plugin

One Big thing i noticed was on the Clients ( on non working ) i am showing one at 16gb Total Graphics memory. and 4 in use… Should that not 100% be 8GB ?.. as there is 8gb on each vGPU ???.. machines on the Working server show 8 total.

Another machine on the Non working side lets call it… Shows Total Available Graphics memory of 13GB… that’s makes Zero sense.

Also - Putting ALL Four on 2Q… they ALL come up. :p

Any combination of 3 seems to work… can mix and match them.
License Server appears to have 7 free licenses atm.
i Put two on an 8q and only One loads up.

We are on vCEnter 6.0 ( not 6.5 yet ).
Esxi rev is 6921384

I just uninstalled the 384.99 VIB and reinstalled same driver… that did not help :p

Is there a difference in system memory assigned to the VMs?
Please open a support ticket for this with ESP…



Bob, how it all ended? would really like to know as I have a similar problem. what you’ve done? Simon thanks for your help! Gourmet Philly Cheesesteak Recipe