One problem about gstreamer encoding.

I’m trying to encode video to H265 bitstream with a YUV file in Gstreamer,then I send the H265 bitstream through Local Area Network to another host in this LAN and store them as a h265 file.In order to check that how much frames are there in this file,I decoded this file to YUV file,which can be calculated with the parameters of resolution ratio.I found a phenomenon:The decoded YUV file contains less frames than the YUV file before encoding(approximately dropped out 3 frames in each test). Why? I konw that in FFMpeg, there is a function called “flush_encoder()” will be invoked after encoding,which is used to output the remaining AVPacket in the encoder. I want to konw if Gstreamer has some similar operations I didn’t use,which caused less frames than I expected. If hasn’t, what’s the reason actually?

Users in gstreamer forum shall have more experience on various usecases and can offer you better suggestion.
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