One time rendering delay after driver update

We are trying to evaluate using RTX A4000 as a replacement for the EOL P4000 in our product. Part of the process requires us to update the driver to support the new hardware. However, we found that after the driver update from 440 ,the GUI application started to experience an issue where at exactly 10 minutes after the application starts, the GUI would experience a rendering delay around half a second then everything is fine. This seems to occur only once per application start, GUI will continue to render at the normal 30FPS for hours afterwards without seeing the delay again. At first we thought it is related to the new GPU, but the same issue occurs on our older M4000 and P4000 HW configuration as well. We tried driver version 460, 470 and 510 so far and it occurs on all three versions. Could this be a driver issue? Any ideas with how I can narrow down the issue? TIA.