Onie-nos-install <URL to cumulus-linux-vx-amd64.bin>


I want to lab with ONIE in Air. Like Install an ONIE Virtual Machine

I am using the “onie” image in Air and it works fine. But I do not find where I can download the bin file for

onie-nos-install <URL to cumulus-linux-vx-amd64.bin>

Anyone that can guide me to where I can download the bin file?


It’s called the “ONIE” image on that page.

Thanks. Problem resolved.

With that bin I got

wget: short write

But the problem was that (default) 1GB of memory for the “onie” node is to small. When I change it to 2GB the install starts.

Glad you got to the bottom of it. ONIE downloads the file to memory for execution. Sounds like a logical enhancement to the Air ONIE Image. I’ll suggest that to the team.

The Air team has just bumped-up the memory allocation for that image to 2GB; so a custom config is no longer needed here :)