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Hey we bought the Orin nano devkit and we are trying to work with it, mainly we are trying to evaluate the security features of the Orin series.
This is our first time working with Nvidia product and we tried working with this doc so far: Security — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation
It seems the doc assume the reader have some knowledge about Nvidia development tools and eco system in general while we don’t. Also it seems these docs assume advance knowledge in Linux OS infrastructure, while we only know the basic of how to work with Linux. we wanted to know if there are more online resources available like video tutorial or more basic documents, for beginners.

Hi yuvalda,

Are you using AGX Orin devkit or Orin Nano devkit?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

May I know what’s your requirement for security?
Protect for bootloader? Or rootfs?
Please just refer to the developer guide for the detailed information and steps for the implement.

hey we are using Orin nano devkit, currently with version 6, but we understand that it isn’t production ready so we think to downgrade to latest production version.
for start we want to gain knowledge in how to implement Secureboot, disk encryption, secure storage and OP-TEE.
we don’t have a solid requirement yet, the goal is to learn for future project

Yes, we would suggest using the latest R35.5.0 release for Jetpack 5 (R35.x) on the production module.
You can find those information in the developer guide and you can open the topic to let us know if you have specifc further questions.

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