Only 3v from 5v pins (J12 pin 2, pin 4)

Hello All,

When measuring the output voltage on the Xavier NX development kit J12 header pins 2 and 4 I receive only 2.8 to 3v, not the 5v specified. I’ve confirmed in jetson-io that these pins are configured as 5v as well. Is there a high-low setting for these pins that I’m not aware of?



Pin2 and Pin4 of J12 header is 5v.
Would you please check the voltage on pin2 and pin3 of Q23.

Thanks for the reply. Pin 2 is 5.08v and Pin 3 is 0.19v.


How about pin1 of Q23? looks the circuit was damaged, VDD_5V_GPIO is come from VDD+5V_SYS.

I have a similar problem.
The voltage of pins 2 and 4 on my Xavier NX drops to 1.7V from 5V when I connect anything to them.
When Nothing is connected I measure 5V as expected.

On Q23, when nothing is connected GPIO connector measures 5V and the SYS connector measures 390mV. Upon connecting load, GPIO connector drops to 1.7 SYS connector drops to 0.