Only 4 cores out of 6 are available on Pegasus


There are only 4 cores out of 6 available on our DRIVE AGX Pegasus. I have noticed it, when running cmake build tasks.

When I run the following command:

$ stress --cpu 6

tegrastats reports only 4 cores 100% loading, while the other 2 cores are 0%. htop reports the same.

Is it an expected behavior?

Our Pegasus was flashed with DRIVE Software 10.

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Dear itriA30220,
We will check internally on this topic and update you.

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

I’ve noticed that just after booting, all 6 core are available for full loading. But after a minute or two, 2 cores get to the idle.

Disabling the rr-launch service seems to be resolving the issue:

systemctl disable rr-launch.timer

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It is because RoadRunner program modifies cgroups to move all the current and future processes/threads to CPUs 0-2,5. And then it runs its own programs on CPUs 3 and 4.