Only Deploy and Run

I would like to just deploy and run the app after pressing F5 for debugging.
This allows to safe time, because deploying is much quicker than starting the debug process.

Is there a way to disable the debugging and just do a deply and run? Any hacks?
It would of course be super if you add another button, next to the “Deploy APK on Debug”, saying “Just Deplay&Run”.

Another reason is, the debug does not work for me. It simply times out after the 60 seconds, the app is tiny, in fact its the native activity example, set to arm5 and api 10.

Hello Xood,

You could try using the Start Without Debugging feature. It is located under Debug item in the main menu and has the Ctrl+F5 hotkey combination by default. Please note that VS may appear “frozen” until the deploy ends (or times out).

Regarding the debug session timeout - could you try to install the APK via console using the following command:
adb install -r “path-to-your-apk”
If it fails then this issue is probably not related to Nsight Tegra. Otherwise it will look like a bug.

Best regards,

Thank you Dmitry for the quick respond.

The hint with Ctrl-F5 works and it is exactly what I wanted!

Regarding debug, I typed in the command as you said and it seems to work.
It first transfers the data, then outputs the package location and finally says “Success”.

However, I found out the problem.
I had DDMS running and I was using a non Tegra device. This combination results in the timeout with nothing else happening. Here some tests:
DDMS & non Tegra: Timeout, no message
no DDMS & non Tegra: License Error message
DDMS & Tegra: Shows warning about possible DDMS running
no DDMS & Tegra: works right away.

So it seems the non Tegra device was my problem. I got lots of devices for testing and simply picked the wrong smartphone device. If this is possible to be catched, would be great.

Even better, if debugging would send the log messages right to visual studio. :-)

Thank you for the feedback! We’ll look into the issue that you have described.

What kind of log messages do you want to see in VS? You can view logcat which can be enabled via Enable Android Logging button (third from the device selector in the toolbar).

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