Only getting 1 bounding box at a time


Deepstream works very well 90% of the time tracking multiple objects simultaneously.

However occasionally it will only produce 1 bounding box at a time. When there are multiple objects on the camera stream it will hold onto 1 object until it leaves the screen and then immediately snap to another object.

What setting do I need to change to stop this from happening?

Is it a tracker_config.yml issue? It is not a detection issue as all objects detect perfectly on their own


jetson xavier AGX
deepstream 4.0.2

I am unable to upload example video as its health related personal information

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Please have a try on latest Deepstream 6.0.1. You use very old version. Thanks.

I’m not able to update at the moment.

I know DS4 isn’t supported anymore and do not want any development work done on it.

I just wondered if there was a config or tracker setting that would cause something like this to happen?


Anything special when the issue occur? Can you share more information about the issue?

We have not noticed anything to trigger it.

Randomly deepstream will only produce 1 bounding box, when that box leaves the camera view it will instantly lock onto one of the other objects.
We have 8 cameras running simultaneously and there will only be 1 box in total across all 8 cameras.
There appears to be no pattern to which camera or object is detected at each point.

It will then hold onto that object until it leaves the view.

closing and restarting deepstream solves the problem but that obviously interrupts the system and ruins that session.

Many thanks for your help with this

It is hard to give any advice if we can’t reproduce it.

Yes, I can understand that thank you,

It is like the max number of bounding boxes has been set to 1

Is there a setting that would produce that effect anywhere


But you said it works fine sometime. So it shouldn’t be setting issue.

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