Only Right output works in Adafruit I2S UDA1334A Breakout Board

I2S pins are already enabled.

Current settings are:

pin 12 (SCLK) --> BCLK
pin 35 (LRCK) --> WSEL
pin 40 (SDOUT) --> DIN

pin 39 (GND) --> GND
pin 17 (3.3 VDC) --> VIN

Testing with the command only generate correct output with the Right output but Left output only generate noise

$ speaker-test -c2 -twav -D plughw:CARD=tegrasndt210ref,DEV=0

Hi zubenel,

Please check the Troubleshooting section to see if can help:

I feel so lost with the documentation. I’m trying to find the device tree source file, but I can’t. Here is a video to show the problem:

I have been working and I realized that I can make a lot of changes with alsamixer, I was able to produce sound in both speakers (UDA1334A board is fine) but with high reproduction speed for some reason. there is to many parameters and still can’t find the correct ones to fix the issue.


There really should not be anything that you need to change to make this work. It is odd that it is playing 'Front Center" for the right and not ‘Front Right’. I am wondering if the wrong sample is being sent to the left for some reason. Can you try just …

$ speaker-test -c 2 -t sine -f 500 -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0

This should play a 500Hz tone on both speakers.