ONNX and Protobuf/Pritoc on Jetson Nano


I’m trying to install ONNX with PIP for Python on my Jetson Nano.
The package setup keepa on failing. It needed Protoc, so I installed it. Now looks like it needs Protobud.

Does anyone know if I need to build Protobuf from scratch on Jetson Nano or just keep the version installed with PIP?
Why does it not like my PIP version of Protobuf?

I’m on Jetpack 4.4



You don’t need to compile the protobuf from source.
The installation requires a C-based protobuf library so please run apt-get install first.

$ sudo apt-get install libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler
$ sudo pip3 install onnx


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Awesome, thanks for the help!