Onshape WebGL crashes using default Chromium Vulkan backend on 32.7.4 (not an issue on 32.3.1)

Using the latest version of chromium stable ( built from source, can be installed from https://github.com/theofficialgman/testing/releases/download/gmans-releases/chromium-browser-stable_119.0.6045.199-1_arm64.deb , currently 119.0.6045.199 ). WebGL crashes when opening the Onshape check suite Onshape (WebGL also crashes when opening any onshape project) . No chromium flags have been set, all are at the defaults.

These issues do not occur on L4T 32.3.1

Do you observe the issue if you use the default Chromium? By default there is a Chromium package in the system image.

chromium from ubuntu apt has not been updated since March 2023 (chromium 112), it is full of security holes and does not use vulkan by default since chromium had not fixed loading vulkan on linux yet in that version. it is not suitable for testing.