Opacity attribute in my material


I’m just discovering Omniverse, and so far it is awesome!

I builded a simple USD scene inside Houdini, just a closeup shot of a sand dune with some animated sand grain blown by the wind. The texturing is done inside Substance Painter and the materials created and assigned through Create.

It renders just fine but I would like to edit the opacity of my grains as they take off. My idea was to create an opacity attribute and I to feed it to my instances material. I cannot see a way to do this from the UI, how should I approach this?


Hello lucas,
Thank you for posting, I will bring your inquiry to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience.

Today, you can edit the properties of a material in the property editor when selecting on an object. However if you want to generate a new parameter, you would have to make your own MDL through a text editor or you could use UE4 \ Substance to create a custom material and export to MDL.

In next couple of months, we will be releasing an MDL editor inside Create that will allow you to create custom MDLs and drive parameters

thank you guys for your answers.
In the meantime I just scaled the sands grain based on their ages, it works just fine.
Nonetheless I’m curious about MDL, I will try to create a custom one with Unreal Engine.