Open display kernel modules load without error but display does not come up

We are building the open display modules from source (public src distributed with Jetpack 5.0.2) against a custom kernel built from r35.2.1 src from git. The display modules build, load and are visible when lsmod is run. None of the previous steps produce errors but the display (HDMI) fails to come up. Running the same rootfs and device-tree with the vanilla NV r35.2 kernel that ships with JP 5.1.0 or a custom kernel built from r35.2 src, the display works as intended.

We followed the prescribed build process in the readme and have no issue with loading the resulting kernel modules. The display just simply does not come up.

Can the open display module source from 35.2 build against r35.2.1 5.10.104 kernel src and function correctly or is there some limitation currently?

Does it work if you use nvidia_kernel_display_driver_source.tbz2 of r35.2.1? It would be better to match the version.

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