Open Pose 15fps

Hi everybody,

I’m working on Jetson Nano 4GB kit with Jetpack 4.3 on it as the newer versions have different problems with Open Pose and Caffe.
I would like to know if some of you obtained 15fps as shown within the NVIDIA Benchmarks. Until now I got 0.8fps on video and 5fps on images with net_resolution 256x256.
Power mode 1:5W, 5V 3A DC power supply.

Thank you all in advance

Hi @lyubo.klymyuk, the OpenPose model benchmark was run with TensorRT for optimized inferencing as opposed to Caffe.

You can find the benchmarks here:

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Thank you @dusty_nv for the reply.
So you are saying that I can use Open Pose with TensorRT wihout Caffe framework and go close to 15fps?

Hi @lyubo.klymyuk, yes TensorRT will provide higher inferencing performance than using Caffe directly.