open source build for OTA 1.1.1 for K1 boot loops

The Android images built from the shield k1 ota 1.1.1 update from the website won’t boot. It gets stuck on the boot screen. I don’t get any logcat messages and assume the boot gets stuck before the usb gets loaded. I tried building two different ways. I tried downloading the source for the preinstalled factory image following the instructions and then downloading the source for the OTA 1.1.1 following the instructions on top of it. I also tried just downloading the source for OTA 1.1.1 without downloading the preinstalled factory stuff. They both get stuck at boot.

Just building the preinstalled factory stuff without the OTA 1.1.1 will boot but has problems that I was hoping would be resolved in the OTA 1.1.1. No such luck.