Open-source design for standalone NVIDIA Tesla K80 cooler

Hi! I recently published designs for a standalone cooler for the Tesla K80. It seems like there has been a recent renewed interest in these cards due to the silicon shortage, but in all of the posts/videos about them the cooling is kind of an afterthought. There are a number of people on ebay selling coolers, but in many cases they didn’t fit my requirements. I needed a design that was compact enough to support having two k80’s (with coolers) installed in adjacent PCIe slots. I’ve been using this design for a number of months now, with two cards being used to train stylegan2 networks and haven’t run into thermal throttling issues. I figured I’d publish the designs to solicit feedback and potentially make things more usable for others and unblock aftermarket users of these cards.

The design is based around 40mm fans controlled via a feedback loop with a Raspberry Pi Pico. Temperature is measured with a thermistor bolted to the outside of the GPU using the bolt pattern on the heat spreader. There’s an algorithm that tries to optimize fan speed to balance noise and cooling power.

The github org is here, PRs are welcome. There’s also a blog post here that goes over the design rationale.

(This is my first post on this board so apologies if it’s in the wrong location)