Open Source Kernel for Shield TV 2017 (Darcy)

I have initialized my repo to “git:// -b rel-24-uda-r1.1-partner -m tlk/t210.xml”


Then built the kernel using the following:

export TOP=`pwd`
cd vendor/nvidia/licensed-binaries
cd $TOP
. build/
lunch darcy-userdebug
mp bootimage

Rebooted to fastboot and booted directly to the created boot.img in out/target/product/t210/boot.img (I’m running stock 5.2 non-dev)

It boots, but I do not have working USB. It feels like vendor blobs are mismatched or missing in the open source tree.

My goal is to update the xpad.c driver from upstream android-3.10 (I backported xpad.c updates and submitted them to upstream android and they were merged in January of 2016 but nVidia has not yet merged upstream android changes into their tree.

Before I go down the rabbit hole of troubleshooting non-working USB in the open source kernel, has anyone successfully built a kernel (With working USB) using the posted source for the 2017 Shield TV (darcy)?

I extracted the kernel config using extract-ikconfig and there are 2 differences, but neither should affect USB from what I can tell.

This commit shows the difference between the factory kernel config and the open source config.

Can anyone confirm that the source that nVidia posted for the darcy kernel will build a kernel that works with the factory system image and vendor files (5.2 production)?

OK I am confused.

This page shows that the 2017 release for 5.2.0 and 5.1.0 link to the same readme with the same URL for the repo init command.

The branch both reference is rel-24-uda-r1.1-partner

There is a rel-24-uda-r1.2-partner branch that is older than rel-24-uda-r1.1-partner and does not have device files for darcy.

The firmware on the rel-24-uda-r1.1-partner branch was just updated 4 days ago.;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/rel-24-uda-r1.1-partner

Can anyone clarify which branch should be used to build the Open Source flavor of the 5.2.0 Shield Experience kernel? Feels like either the readme_ for 5.1.0 is wrong, or the one for 5.2.0 is.