Open Source Minion Robot

Hi everyone, here is a video of a minion robot simulated in Isaac gym, It was a hobby project I worked on some times ago based on a project at MIT:

This is basically a minimum viable biped robot with 3 DOFs at each leg, the foot is sphere so it’s dynamically unstable! :)
It was designed with Sim2Real/Real2sim implementation in mind, I had good progress but couldn’t continue working on it. I would like to open source this project along with that simplified version of legged gym I made for this project which I posted here:

I used Myactuator’s ( servomotors and made a simplified model of it for Isaac Gym. I also made a library for controlling the motors using CAN bus which is integrated with the software.

If anyone is interested in helping with open sourcing this project please let me know. I think it would be a good start for a PhD thesis if you can drag your prof into it :)

I also have all the motors and a gaming computer(GTX1080) with Isaac gym installed on it which all are for sale if anyone is interested.