Open Trusted Environment (TLK) on Jetson Nano

I am currently working on a project on the nano that requires the use of a TEE, after some research, it seems i should use tlk as that is open source and the shield uses it so its probably well supported on t210. However i am unable to actually find the source that supports t210, only an old outdated one for k1, am I missing something? The kernel side driver calls it ‘open trusted environment’ so i would presume i am just looking in the wrong place

Hi ByLaws,

We do not support Open Trusted Environment (TLK) on Nano.


Hi kayccc,

Is there any schedule for the release of Trusty TEE for TX1, TX2 and nano? Previous threads have mentioned that it’s a work in progress, but no schedule has ever been released.


Hi rashed97,

The TrustedOS is a TX2 and Xavier only feature, it’s under cooking, not clear schedule yet.


Hi kayccc,

So the X1 never seen TOS?


Um. What? This is as bad as when I asked about cboot source for t210 a couple weeks ago and got told cboot doesn’t exist for the arch. I’ve seen several references to trusty running on t210, one being for jetson_cv, a configuration of the tx1 devkit. It would be useful to several of us if we could get trusty source for t210, t186, t194, and future platforms.

A followup on this. According to documentation pushed to upstream tf-a some time ago (see link below), trusty is supported on t210 and t186. Yet, no source has ever been released for that. TLK had source released, but it’s ancient and I don’t think t210 support was quite complete in the public source release. So, the question is, will this trusty code base for t210 be released? A couple of us here are trying to independently reimplement trusty for t210 and t186, but are having no end of troubles right now. It’s particularly annoying since we know the code already exists and works, but we can’t reference it.


hello Steel01,

Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) technology is not limited to the Tegra chip sets,
but TrustedOS is a TX2 and Xavier only feature.