Open3D visualization on Xavier NX16GB

I am trying to move a program to my Xavier NX 16GB from my PC
In the program I use Open3D: ARM support — Open3D 0.16.0 documentation
and its visualizing capabilities to render depth images of some geometry. It works perfectly on my laptop, but when I moved to my Xavier NX16GB I faced a error with what I believe is OpenGL on the Jetson.

import open3d as o3d

render = o3d.visualization.rendering.OffscreenRenderer(256, 256)
[Open3D INFO] EGL headless mode enabled.
FEngine (64 bits) created at 0x7f6ed93010 (threading is enabled)
eglInitialize failed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I have build the Library on the jetson to enable cuda. The renderer works on the Filament engine, but I don’t know how to troubleshoot the error where eglInitialize fails.

I use jetpack4.6 rev3

We don’t have experience about this frameworks. Would need other users to check and share suggestion.

Thanks @DaneLLL
I think it might have something to do with OpenGL not being a high enough version.
I am using Jetpack4.6, so that is Ubuntu 18.04 and the highest OpenGL package is 3.1, do you know if I can get it higher than 3.1 without using Jetpack5.x which is not suggested by my carrier board provider
Edit: it might also be an issue with Intel Mesa. I can’t seem to build it from source because of missing libraries libdrm & libdrm_intel.

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