OpenAcc on CPUs

Hi Mat,

I want to ask you if OpenACC supports acceleration on CPUs (just like OpenMP) or this feature is planned for next versions of OpenAcc.


Hi Sotiris,

We’ve talked about it and will most likely add multi-core CPU as a target at some point, but there’s no firm plans as of yet. Currently we’re focused on adding support for AMD Radeon and APUs as well as Intel Xeon Phi.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,
Is there a roadmap when the PGI compilers will support Intel’s Xeon Phi? I am interested whether we will have it before our next programming workshop in May.
And when will it support AMD GPUs?

I didn’t find information or documentation on that :-(

Thanks, Sandra

Hi Sandra,

We’re taking the targets in turn, starting with AMD. We have most of the functional work done and are now working on optimization. Look for a beta in a few months. We’ll start on Phi after that but don’t expect a beta till later this.

Let me ask to see what we can do for you regarding your May workshop.

  • Mat

If there is the possibility to get beta access or the like, it would be great.

Hi Sandra,

It doesn’t look likely that we’ll have the beta ready for May. They are in the process of optimizing the back end code generator, but it’s unlikely to be ready in time for you.