OpenACC on Geforce GTX Titan ?

Hi All,
Have anyone tried OpenACC on Geforce GTX Titan?
This new model sounds very powerful according to a Nvidia presentation:
2688 cores; 1.3 Teraflops double Precision; 288 GB/s Memory Bandwidth;

However my friend told me Geforce cards are very unstable for computing…

If anyone haved tried this card, it would be greately helpful if any experiences could be shared here.

Mat, do you happen to have any test results on the newest version PGI openACC compilor using this card?


J. M.

I don’t have a Titan myself (it’s a very nice card though) but do use a GTX 690 for development (I also have access to a K20X which is similar to Titan). Personally, I think the GTX are fine for development but for production would recommend a K20X for it’s ECC capability and stability.

I saw this post over in the NVIDIA Forums which might be helpful.

As far as OpenACC code generation goes, we target the compute capability of a device, so Titan and a K20X would have the same device code.

  • Mat

Mat, so many thanks. This is very helpful.
It seems like besides the ECC, GTX Titan also has more launch overhead …