OpenALPR with TX2 Dev Kit Camera

Hello! I am attempting to use a TX2 dev kit to run OpenALPR. I would like to test the software using the on board camera from the dev kit, however I am having trouble doing so.

OpenALPR allows users to run the software with video from a webcam using the simple command “alpr webcam”. This will look to the default webcam location (/dev/video0). However, I know the camera on the dev kit board communicates through MIPI CSI. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get the on board camera to work with OpenALPR?

I have found a few sources online trying to accomplish a somewhat similar goal, yet none have been applicable enough or worked.


Have a check with below link

Thanks for the reply, I have visited that link before. He does not use the camera from the dev kit as input, just a jpg file.

You may need to modify the source to CSI camera. Below link may help to know how to use on board CSI camera.

ShaneCCC, I agree. That’s what I am trying to figure out how to do. I understand how to use the CSI camera in typical situations, and have no problem doing so. If anyone knows how to use a CSI camera as input for OpenALPR it would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest to trace the openALPR to know how it get the image from the webcam or picture and to modify it to the CSI source.