OpenCL commandline profiling need to know how to extract certain parameters


I am trying to use the commandline profiler to profile my OpenCL code. I am using it in as suggested in the following link :

I used the latest version of Visual Profiler and dumped the data into a csv to see what all profiler data can be obtained. This is the list of all the parameters

I then put the above list in OPENCL_PROFILE_CONFIG file and run the executable multiple times to profile different parameters at different runs.

The problem I have is that I cannot get all the parameters. The profiler simply outputs invalid profiler option for some of them

These are the ones for which I cannot obtain the data outright

I don’t want to use the Visual Profiler because I want to automate the whole procedure.

Anyone has any ideas on how to obtain this data ? Specifically, what should be written in config file for the profiler to profile this data .

It would definitely be a good idea if there is some comprehensive documentation for the profiler, with description of handler names for each counter.