OpenCL debugging, how to set breakpoint

Can anyone point me to step-by-step instruction or video on how to debug OpenCL program with Nsight? I have all recent drivers and Nsight installed with GTX 760 video card. Or is it supported on my card?
(I am able to profile, and see cl sources only)


OpenCL debugging is supported by Visual Studio native debugger. You don’t need Nsight. Just set a BP at OpenCL source code and press F5 to launch VS debugger. Thanks.


Please screenshot.

As I see it, OpenCL program is a C/C++ string which is sent to API (OpenCL.dll) for compilation and build. I am not aware of any (standard VS) way to set breakpoint inside such string or any VS panel where I could view OpenCL sources built for OpenCL context. I found how to do profiling of OpenCL API calls in Nsignt and view kernel code (c and asm), but setting breakpoint in it does nothing. (note that OpenGL shader debugging works perfectly in the same way)

I replaced card with AMD and now able to debug with CodeXL, though I would better go with NVIDIA tools.
I thought maybe I need a special type of card(s) or configuration…


Sorry for my misleading. I have to recall my previous comment. Neither Nsight nor Visual Studio native debugger supports OpenCL debugging. Sorry for that.