OpenCL extensions (3d_image_write specifically)


Does anyone know if the extension for 3d image writes is included in the public release of the nvidia geforce drivers. the ones for the gtx 460 for example.


No, looks like not

are they supported in the developer drivers?

its just in there presentation at GTC 09 (page 55) they said that they supported the extension.

I did not try dev driver. Up to now, in standard linux driver package, this extension is not supported.

In the presentation they said that these extensions “are supported by the OpenCL specification”, not like these extensions “are supported by the OpenCL NVIDIA driver”

3D image writes are in the OpenCL specification/language, however no currently existing implementation by NVIDIA, ATI or any other manufacturer is “complete”. Every release of the drivers, toolkit and SDK implement components not previously implemented.

The simplest way to see if components of the language have been implemented are to try the latest development drivers/toolkit/SDK and to read the changelist. Or write a simple program and test for functionality. While it’s easier to pose the question on the forum, you want to put some effort into finding the answer yourself before passing it off to someone else.

well, at least with AMD it works fine (I mean cl_khr_3d_image_writes) right now. And, of course, all the realizations of the standard are evolving