OpenCL maximum work item sizes


I am using OpenCL for CT image registration. My CT data size is 512 by 512 by 400. I used Geforce GTX Titan z Graphic card but found that the graphic card only can process up to 512 by 512 by 218. Then I used two Geforce GTX Titan z Cards and connected them by SLI, however, the processing size capability does not change (still 512 by 512 by 218) but the processing speed was doubled. My question is for processing data with larger size (512 by 512 by > 218), what should I do? Thank you very much

Hi, User yxp233

I am not sure what’s your case that Geforce cannot process your data size. You might detail a little bit more.

The hardware has limitation to schedule all threads at a time, but you can design your algorithm to be multi-pass . The doubled processing speed with SLI will help then.