OpenCL Missing After 397.93 update

Hi, not sure if i’m in the right place but i was directed here by someone from Nvidia after the latest update wiped OpenCL from my GPU, i’m not in any way familiar with programming of any type so if it’s possible, i’d like some detailed assistance on how i can get this thing up and working on my GPU again.

Many thanks for your time in advance.

Maybe related… installing Nvidia’s drivers release 416.34-notebook-win10-64bit-international for GTX 1070 does not install OpenCL.

Specifically, I would expect that C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\OpenCL\ contains OpenCL.dll and OpenCL64.dll. Instead, the directory OpenCL is missing.

@NVIDIA QUESTION: Has Nvidia stopped including OpenCL in their driver package? If so, what should I do to install it?

During installation the staging area C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\416.34\Win10_64\International\ does not include the expected OpenCL folder.

NOTE: Other OpenCL dll files that are expected are:

NOTE: Copying files from a working installation on a GTX 1080 machine yields successful hardware introspection, successful kernel compilation, but unsuccessful unit test execution.

The unit test execution failed because it was defaulting to use Intel’s OpenCL platform… which crashes when memory barriers are used.
After addressing that issue the tests were able to run without issue.

Nvidia Tech Support - the documentation states that OpenCL should be present.
Santosh: Here is the details of the driver that is featured
Santosh: I see that the driver package includes Experimental OpenCL 2.0 Features