OpenCL Performance with 280.xx / 285.xx Driver is so bad e.g. LuxMark X64 & GPCBenchmark

I7 870 @ 4GHz
GeForce GTX 480 @800/1600/1900
GeForce GT 430 @800/1600/1600
Windows7 X64

compare with 275.33

LuxMark X64
275.33 SCORE:9671 (GTX480+GT430)
280.xx-285.33 SCORE:6434 (GTX480+GT430)

275.33 SCORE:3700+ (GTX480)
280.xx-285.33 SCORE:3400+ (GTX480) AND this benchmark will go crash when run INT32 test which will run well with 275.33

what’s going on?
will nvidia fix this?

VERY IMPORTANT!! fix performance next driver!

I got same performance abnormal in 285.38 and in now 285.62whql running win 7 x64 SP1. you look my specs. ;)

Yes, we hear about OpenCl compute benchmarks from reviewers too, and our response is that we haven’t worked with the Luxmark or other OpenCL benchmark developers to tune those benchmarks for our arch, and instead we spend more of our devtech resources tuning compute for real games, like RAGE, Civ 5 (texture compression), and Just Cause 2, or of course PhysX apps.

Ok but I’m sad and worried if you can’t fix OpenCL 1.1 issue. Bye bye to OpenCL!?