OpenCL via Remote Desktop not running?

Hi all,

Under both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, using the driver linked in the download page (nvdrivers_2.3_winvista_64_190.89_general.exe), I am trying to run the OpenCL samples over Remote Desktop.

They run fine in both OSes when logged in locally to the machine, but when I try to run the programs (command line) when remotely accessing the machine, they fail (appears to not find the device).
Both OS installs are fresh OS installs.

System is a Core 2 Duo with a Geforce 8800 GTS 512.

Specifically, I try to run the "OpenCL Bandwidth Test " and the “OpenCL Device Query”.
Output from the bandwidth test app:
"oclBandwidthTest.exe Starting…

Error -1 in clGetDeviceIDs call !!!


Press to Quit…

(The app runs fine when run locally).

If this is not a valid usage scenario, could you please explain what scenario is supported for remotely executing/coding/debugging/running OpenCL code under Windows?

Thank you very much!


It’s not a valid usage scenario because RDP/services are limited to session 0, which has no access to WDDM devices. GPUs currently always appear as WDDM devices.

This is solved in a future compute-only driver for Tesla cards/servers.

Some people have successfully used VNC instead of Remote Desktop.

Is there an eta or beta program for this driver?

I am in an environment that is remote desktop-only and

this is a showstopper for me- I do dev and deployment on

remotely connected machines.