OpenCV based app crashed on Jetson Nano

I installed Qt creator on Jetson nano and build an OpenCV based application program. No any warning and error message when build the program.
When run the application program, it crashed with the error message below:
JPEG parameter struct mismatch: library thinks size is 584, caller expects 728
at the line of
m_video_wr = new VideoWriter(file_name, VideoWriter::fourcc('M', 'J', 'P', 'G'), fps, frame_size, true);

The same code build and run at Windows 10 has no any issue. This error only occurred at Jetson nano.
How can I fix it?

Please share a test sample so that we can reproduce it and check.

I have found what’s wrong with it. It was my fault on “file_name” when move the code from Windows to Jetson Nano.

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