Opencv compiling error

HI everybody,
I have the error following :

BlobContour.h:15:9: error: ‘CvSeq’ does not name a type
 typedef CvSeq* t_chainCodeList;

I don’t understand I cant compile with jp4.2 and ocv 4.1.1 FRESH INSTALL…
(works with ocv3.4.1.)
pkg_config -libs do nothing in terminal.


Hi I found the solution himself to this hard problem…

Opencv Tegra 4.1.1 is not installed properly the init file need by pkg-config, (even if you can read that it s obsolet the file opencv4.pc is installed) so you should do that yourself by hand :

sudo cp /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/opencv4.pc /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/

and you do modified this file like this:


Don’t forget to put your permissons group to this file after copy it.

and another trick :

the old last usefull (for very big program with opencv1.0 you can’t modifiy every code) opencv dir named ‘opencv’ is not installed so you can find c type in :

#include <opencv2/core/types_c.h>

that you may include in your .h or .hpp.


hi laurent:
Have you try jp4.3 ? seems I have not meet such error in this verison

HI Jeffli

I use jp4.3. and is it opencv 4.1.1, I think that the ocv4.x don’t accept cvPyrLKFlow and cvXXX
need to put cv::XX and it is really difficult with old code with thousand of lines…
I am not sure of that because I am’nt specialist in C and ocv evolution…
Tomorrow I try to continue modification code cvRect to cv::rect etc…
If you have an explanation or solution I will happy to know it .


could you identify the CV version of your code? you can dowload the correct version of OPENCV on Jetson and recompile this verison OPENCV ,so no need to modify the code