Opencv downgrade from 4.1 to 3.4 on jetson xavier

Hi, i’m currently using Jetson Xavier AGX on a Ubuntu 18.04 and i installed it using JetPack SDK Manager. The opencv version on this machine is 4.1 but i’m trying to donwgrade it to 3.4 due to some problems when building my workspace. How do i get opencv-4.1.1 downgraded to opencv 3.4?

You may try this script and see if ti can be built successfully:
GitHub - mdegans/nano_build_opencv: Build OpenCV on Nvidia Jetson Nano

It is uncertain if downgrading to older release would work or not. A user has tried to build 2.4.13 but failed:
OpenCV 2.4.13 on Jetson Nano 4GB
You may give it a try. If it does not work properly, we would suggest use the same version in default release since it has passed SQA tests before public release.

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