OpenCV Java Bindings


I was wondering if the Java bindings for the pre-packaged Open CV 4.1.1 were available somewhere.

According to the official documentation [1] it looks like I would need to recompile OpenCV in order to generate the Java Bindings however I am hesitant to do that since it would destroy any special customisations/flags used by Nvidia.

Ideally it would be great to simply install the bindings using a package manager however if that is not possible then is there an officially sanctioned recipe for re-compiling OpenCV in exactly the same way as it is currently done for the Jetpack?



Hi Ben,

Actually, there is no customization in the opencv released by us anymore. It is just same as the one you build from upstream openCV. The only option we enabled in opencv is gstreamer and cuda. Also, even cuda is not enabled in some release.

Thus, I would suggest you to build it from source by yourself and enable whatever you want.

Thanks WayneWWW.

I guess I’ll give that a go.