OpenCV on nexus 9

OpenCV does not work on nexus 9, probably because OpenCV does not have support for arm64. Is there a way of fixing it? Maybe try to compile the OpenCV libraries to work in arm64?

hi ccr11,
Thank you reporting this issue, we are tracking it internally. if any progress, we will update it for you.


Hi, I am facing the same problem. Is there any progress?
In the release it says “Tegra Android Development Pack (3.0R4) adds immediate support for your 64-bit Android 5.0 application development needs” and “OpenCV […] support”
I am new to android so maybe I did something wrong… if so, is there a Guide, a working Project that I can use as a starting point or someone who can help me?

hi NamelessTee,

you can use the opencv on sheild Tablet, it works well. You use the opencv samples in TADP(now the new brand androidWorks 1r1 is out).