OpenGl breakpoint disabled.

I am dynamically creating the source for a shader in my code. When I run Nsight I can find the event when the shader is used; I can view the source but if I set a breakpoint it shows as disabled (red ring not filled red).

How do I set the a breakpoint.

I have another shader which is a constant string in the code and I can set the breakpoint for it.

Would you mind providing the following information:

  • Nsight version
  • Windows version and bitness
  • GPU
  • Targeted OpenGL version

A reproducible binary and/or source could help a lot.


Hi Jeff,
I can send you the source and exe - where do I post it

Hi Jeff,
I compiled the second shader from 2 constant strings in the program and I could set a break boint without any trouble.

I’ve sent you a PM.