OpenGL cannot see the two GPUs on pegasus docker

It’s clear now. We also got a similar request is in DRIVE OS and support for the Nvidia Container Toolkit .

@VickNV Thanks

Hi @VickNV

Is this available now? If not do we have an estimate on when?


Dear @farid.rajaei, if you are asking for docker container, please check Install DRIVE Docker Containers from NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) :: DRIVE Platform Installation Guide with NVIDIA SDK Manager.
Please file a new topic for further queries

Hi, @farid.rajaei
GPU support of target docker will be available in Orin release but not Xavier.
For the schedule, you may need to check with your nvidia representative.

So Pegasus is considered the same as Xavier?

No target docker support for NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ and NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier™. Sorry for not being clear enough.

Thanks @VickNV for clarification