OpenGL code samples - protected? all the samples can be played with except OpenGl? True? Why?


In the process of learning CUDA via studying code samples, I have come across what seems to me an odd dead-end.

I’ve gotten through several of the simpler examples, learning to handle the makefiles, compile-trace, where all the executables go, what
the emulator is like, how to use the debugger, etc.

The app I will eventually work on requires OpenGL, so, naively, I just went to the code sample “SimpleGL” and began to play with it just like I had the other programs.

I was hardly able to believe my eyes, as it were, when I discovered, after multiple experimentations, that changing even a single character in a COMMENT ruined everything. The makefile would no longer function (giving multiple rather specific error messages, quite detailed, about things I didn’t touch), no executable was created, emulator ceased, etc etc.

Are the OpenGL code sample protected in some way, preventing us from playing with them? In an environment of such sparse documentation, this seems a cruel way to inhibit learning to use the system.

I Await Enlightenment. :wacko:



I think there’s no protection on OpenGL examples. I didn’t modified the example that came with SDK, but I copied the code and compile the file with my own makefile.