OpenGL crashed on L4T 32.5


I am trying to upgrade to L4T 32.5. I downloaded all resources on L4T 32.5 Archive | NVIDIA Developer.
I added a user “nvidia” to the sample rootfs, run nv_tegra/, then run “sudo ./flash jetson-tx2i mmcblk0p1”. After all of that, the gdm3 shows the greeter. But I can’t login, the gmd3 always rollback to greeter. Then, I switched to lightdm, the session Ubuntu, Unity failed, the openbox and LXDE are ok.

All apps linked to OpenGL didn’t work, they crashed. The callstack shows ‘glXCreateContext’. How to fix these bugs please ? Anyone help ?

BTW, my carrier board is P2597.

Please install SDKManager on your host PC and re-flash the TX2 developer kit through SDKManager. You can get SDKManager from
NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer

Also be sure you start the app from within the GUI. Command lines, e.g., serial console or ssh, will fail without extra steps.,

Thanks very much. That is the solution.

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