OpenGL <--> CUDA


I am looking for a full cuda<–> opengl example. I would like to display a simple example to fill image in Opengl thanks to cuda kernel.

Where could I find a full example?

Thank you.

Why not start with the simple OpenGL interop example that ships with CUDA:


For something more advanced, try the volume renderer example:


Thank you for the answer.
In fact I would like to process an image in CUDA and process it in OpenGL.
How should I do it properly? Should I use texture connected to a VBO?

Sorry, I have never used CUDA/OpenGL interop myself, and the last time I worked with OpenGL itself is a dozen years ago. Based on value notions retained from that time, a texture mapped to a VBO sounds about right, but you’d really want to wait for feedback from people who actually know about interop.