opengl glx extension not supported by display


I use sys-7046GT-TRF superserver, tesla c1060 * 4 and rhel 5.3, everything in the SDK samples directary seems ok,
including deviceQuery, bandwidth…
but when it comes to xxxGL,

there will be an error as ==> Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:0.0”
the onboard graphical chip is matrox g200ew
I have checked many articles on the web, since it’s not a nVidia card,
it seems that I can not run program like simpleGL on my machine ?

Thanks for your help.

Same problem for me.

I don’t find any solution. Maybe the best is to use a chip nvidia card to replace the onboard chip…

Has any of you managed to use the Tesla C1060 or any other without display connectors to work as a backend for a basic onboard graphic card on X?
My server has a Matrox mga onboard that I am using to connect the display.