OpenGL process takes long to open

I first found this issue when I started using Godot Engine. The issue can be found here:

Opening the Godot project selection screen takes close to a minute. Opening a Godot project (even a blank one) takes close to a minute. Launching a window to play the game also takes close to a minute.

I also tried to make a MonoGame project (OpenGL) and this issue popped up there as well. Creating a blank MonoGame project and building it takes close to a minute to open. Using a DirectX MonoGame project (also blank) works normally with no delay in opening.

So it seems to be a driver bug with OpenGL and not a specific application issue.

I’m running an RTX 2070 and have tried v460.34, v430.39, v425.31, v419.67(Creator Ready one), and v419.17. All of them exhibiting this issue.

Any help to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated!