Opengl rendering "bypass" with CUDA

Hi All !
I’m trying to modify a render of a 3D model, done with opengl.
This model is projected (rendered) onto several planes, with “gldrawrangeelements” (from a vertex buffer object, and a faces buffer object).
This process is slow !!!
I was thinking to project all the vertices in parallel with CUDA, to obtain an image “made of points” (so “bypassing” the rendering with opengl ).
How could i proceed ?
Thanks !!

Any idea would be greatly appreciated … :tongue:

It’s unlikely you’d be able to render the object faster using CUDA than using OpenGL - you’re probably better off trying to optimize your OpenGL code.

Hi Simon,

thanks for the suggestion.

Probably i can’t speed up the rendering, but the other problem is that the Render Buffer is limited…

I have to render the mesh many times from different points of view, and the openGL buffer size is limited.

Doing this with CUDA, the limit should be the Video RAM…right?

So, i’m trying to project only the vertices of the mesh in parallel with CUDA…but i’m not sure how to do it ! :wallbash:

thanks, bye !